We are on a Mission

Our Mission

Creative Santa Fe strengthens Santa Fe’s economy by cultivating thought leadership and by spearheading collaborative projects at the intersections of art, culture, technology, education, and industry.

Our Approach

Every city needs a dream. CrSF believes that collaboration, innovation, and community support is essential to scaled, sustainable social change. We measure each of our initiatives by how we can achieve the greatest economic impact through strategic coordination and shared leveraging of one of Santa Fe’s most important shared assets—its vibrant arts and cultural community.

Creative Santa Fe is committed to strengthening the creative economy of our city. It does so by identifying key issues, bringing together stakeholders, and catalyzing discussion, agreement, and action. CrSF is joining communities and organizations throughout the world to adopt a new mindset for achieving large-scale change through collaboration and building public/private partnerships.

In order to create permanent and systemic solutions, organizations — including those in government, non-profit, and the business sector — must work together around clearly defined strategized goals. CrSF is actively establishing networks that link organizations within our community and build national and international funding, public/private partnerships, and generate new sources of capital for our community, CrSF aims to foster and insure a more vibrant and sustainable Santa Fe.

To summarize, CrSF strives to:

  • Mobilize funding
  • Convene groups and organizations
  • Facilitate new relationships
  • Ignite cross-sector collaboration
  • Spearhead major strategic initiatives
  • Advocate for innovative public policies
  • Break down traditional barriers to progress

Statewide Report Identifies the Economic Impacts of Arts and Cultural Industries

In 2014, the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs commissioned report, Building on the Past, Facing the Future: Renewing the Creative Economy, quantifies the current economic impact of arts and cultural industries in New Mexico and identifies challenges and key opportunities. The study, conducted by the UNM’s Bureau of Business and Economic Research (BBER), reveals a $5.6 billion impact on the state’s economy and challenges business, government, and non-profit sectors to harness strengths and address key shortfalls to fully realize economic potential. Download Full Report